Over time, the polish and protective coats on wood furnishings and fixtures in your office or building will wear, and the wood underneath can become damaged and unappealing. Much like any first impression, appearances are key. If damages are easily noticeable, customers and clients may be turned away from your business. They may consider that if a business can't maintain their own furniture, they must not be able to maintain and please their clients.

Here at Furniture Medic On Call, we can rectify such situations by providing image enhancement techniques to refinish, restore, and repair your office furnishings, conference tables, cabinets, and other wood fixtures. Not only will we be able to help maintain the sharp professional image of your office but we can also help extend the life and longevity of your wood furnishings and fixtures.

We can provide a full array of commercial repair and restoration services such as:

On-Site Repairs

  • Structural Repair & Joint Stabilization
  • Precision Repair of Wood Surfaces, Including Conference Tables, Reception Counters, Office Furniture, Molding, Millwork, and Baseboards
  • Upholstery Repair & Replacement, Including Vinyl & Leather

Furniture Enhancement

  • Buffing & Polishing
  • Sheen Adjustment
  • Color Touch-up

Refinishing & Restoration

  • Flood, Fire & Vandalism Restoration
  • Color Changes to Match New Furnishings
  • Surface Refinishing