Damage Restoration:

Furniture Medic On Call recognizes your needs as insurance claims representatives by requiring the availability, prompt response, and thorough reports of all services for your customers. If your client sustains damages to their wood items from fire, water, or other causes, it may be more cost-effective to restore the items rather than completely replacing them. It's important to save your insurance organization and your customers time and money.

Water Damage:

Wood that has suffered from water damages may warp, fracture, and peel. Furniture Medic On Call has the expertise and tools your customers need to make their wood products look like new. After using expert methods to rectify any water damage to your clients' wood items, our technicians can strip, refinish, re-veneer, and color-match stains to give their wood items a near perfect result.

Fire Damage

Wood cabinets, floors, banisters, doors, and furniture that sustain burns and smoke damage aren't completely lost, and are restorable. Professionals at Furniture Medic On Call have the skills to remediate the affected areas of woodwork items. We can remove and patch the burned pieces of wood furnishings, and restore any item back to a flawless appearance.

Restoration Procedures

Our technicians at Furniture Medic On Call use an expert restoration process to achieve our clients needs. Here is what your organization and clients can expect during the phases of our services:


  • Woodwork items are to be examined and assessed upon arrival to determine the proper restoration applications that are needed.
  • For water-damaged items, restoration can only begin if the item is thoroughly dry. The general rule is to allow two weeks for items to dry and be relieved of trapped water and moisture.
  • Depending on the initial assessment of the item, on-site work may not be viable. In such cases, off-site relocation to a specialized repair facility is offered to continue the restoration process.
  • Once authorization forms are signed, the suggested services will be performed within a recommended time frame.
  • After the completion of services, we ask for your client's assessment and approval. If satisfied, we then have your client complete a verification form of the executed services.

The items we can repair for your clients:

  • Furniture, antiques, and other specialty items
  • Millwork, paneling, molding, doors, and banisters
  • Cabinetry and mantels
  • Hardwood Floors
  • And many other wood surfaced areas and items, just simply ask!

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

What is a good length of time for furniture to dry?
Two weeks is the general rule of thumb to allow items to be completely dry. It is essential for all woodwork items to be thoroughly dry before attempting to restore any damages, otherwise further damages may occur.

Are you able to remedy the rings and marks that the water damage has created?
In the majority of cases, such rings and marks can be lifted, but there are situations where it may be more difficult and alterations of the item may be needed, such as re-staining the entire item to a different color.

Why can you not work on-site for all items?
It all depends on the severity of the damages and requirements that are demanded. Some items may need delicate care, which we can only provide at our specialized off-site facilities. Worry not, we only allow items to be moved off-site with your permission and will never act without approval.

Will you be able to restore antiques while retaining their value?
In some cases we may need to introduce a third-party expert to examine the item and its replacement cost. Upon hearing the results of the assessment, you can make the choice to follow through on restoration of the item or not.

If my cabinets sustained water damages, will I need to find replacements?
A majority of on-site services have no need to replace damaged cabinetry. Our experts have the ability to repair the damages onsite while keeping any disturbances to your home or office to a minimum.

When should I expect to have my items back?
Every disaster restoration case is different. Initially, it is challenging to provide a timetable of how long the entire process will be. Until our experts can thoroughly examine your items and know what procedures we need to apply, only then will we be able to provide a better approximation of when our services will be finished

If my items are in storage, will I be able to view them?
Given a proper notification ahead of time, we can arrange an appointment with a technician to grant you access to your belongings.

Are you able to deodorize my belongings from smells such as smoke?
Every item is a different case, after an assessment of damages our technicians will be able conclude if odors can or cannot be removed.