Furniture Restoration: San Francisco has some of the most amazing furniture pieces in commercial offices. Furniture Medic On Call are professionals at making old office furniture look new again, and we'd love to share our process with you.

Step 1: Cleaning
Before any work is to take place, the first thing to do, is to clean each piece of furniture thoroughly. Not only will you learn some interesting details about the piece by doing so, but also you can't just start sanding something that has grime or mold on it, you need to properly clean any piece of furniture to start.

Step 2: Repair
The next thing to do is make sure that the furniture item is fully functional. If a desk or table needs a new leg or drawer to be replaced, this is the time to make sure that that happens.  Keep in mind that for many older pieces, you may have to search through other resources to find matching pieces for older or antique furniture items, such as the internet, second hand stores, specialty outlets, and other places, to find the precise piece you want.

Step 3: Refinish/Paint
Here's where much of the labor occurs. Removing the old finish on wood items can take days of work and require some fairly specialized tools. Once the old finish is removed, you'll be able to see the real potential of the piece. If the old finish cannot be removed and/or you don't mind reducing the value of the piece, painting over the old finish is also an option to consider.

Step 4:Final Details
Once the piece has been refinished or painted, it will be all ready for use!  Depending on exactly what furniture piece it is, you may want to invest in coasters to protect surfaces from water, a special-cut piece of glass to cover conference tables, or other extras to help protect old, valuable, or antique furniture pieces in your office.