For Hotels, event venues and restaurants, Furniture Medic On Call believes there are three keys for a successful company.

  • 1. The first is excellent service; a successful service turns an ordinary customer into a satisfied customer, who can then become a valuable recurring customer who brings consistent business.
  • 2. Second is quality, as quality supports an excellent service. Offering high quality in mix with good service can go a long way in keeping customers satisfied.
  • 3. Lastly, appearances are important. Having a building or facility that is visually appealing will not only reel in customers, but also give them a lasting experience.

At Furniture Medic On Call, we follow the same rules, providing excellent services with quality to have superb looking results with the items we restore and repair. From guestroom furniture to the wall paneling and wood floors of ballrooms and lobbies, we are devoted to our services.

With Furniture Medic On Call:

  • We work onsite and around your busy schedule for woodwork repairs or maintenance needs, all without disturbing your everyday operations.
  • We use environmentally friendly products, especially during our on-site assignments. We want to provide you a clean, safe environment during our restoration process.
  • We ensure that after our services, all your wood furnishings, fixtures, and surfaces will be in its finest state.

Services we can provide:

  • Refurbishing of hotel room furniture onsite, to meet quality inspections and extend the life of capital investments
  • Touch up lobbies, elevator cabs and other common area furniture
  • Refurbish café and sports bar furnishings